Programme description

Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) is a programme focused on all aspects of identifying and introducing new medicines. Its mission is to deliver high-level specialists, equipped with a highly applied scientific basis for discovery and development of novel pharmacotherapeutics, combined with focused, real-life practical skills. This degree provides a solid grounding in pharmaceutical sciences, together with an opportunity to specialize in a particular drug discovery and development area.

The first semester is devoted to provide a basic understanding of drug discovery and development as well as key chemical, biological and pathophysiological aspects, relevant to drug research.

The second semester provides a wide and well-balanced training in pharmaceutical sciences, which serves as a basis for further, specialized skills development.

The third and fourth semesters are focused on one of the three leading areas:

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Experimental Pharmacology
  • Model Based Drug Development

Graduate’s profile

Graduates of DDD will learn how new medicines are sought, identified, developed, manufactured and tested, along with the most important aspects of regulatory processes, necessary for their formal approval as drug products. Additionally, they will be equipped with management skills and language expertise, supporting their future employment in the worldwide pharma-biotech industry, regulatory agencies or drug research centers.

Study duration time: 2 years / 4 semesters

Total ECTS: 120

Admission limits:

  • min. 15
  • max. 30

Language of instruction: English

YouTube media: about DDD