Entry requirements

Formal requirements

Persons eligible to apply for the programme are the holders of a higher education diploma (at least undergraduate) in the fields of: pharmaceutical sciences, medical sciences, chemical sciences, biological sciences and health sciences.

Additional formal requirement: English language skills sufficient for undertaking studies, confirmed during the interview by the university unit responsible for the programme (or certified on the level specified by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education—does not apply to persons for whom English is their native language and who graduated from study programmes taught in English).

Upon enrollment, all candidates receive a referral for a medical examination carried out by a doctor of occupational medicine. Candidates are obliged to deliver a medical certificate to the unit responsible for the application process by the deadline established by admission schedule  Failure to do so will prevent candidate from beginning studies.

Qualification result

The ranking list reflects the applicants’ final qualification results calculated on the basis of the interview conducted in English on the following topics: a) candidate’s knowledge and skills in the field related to undertaking the programme, b) ability to participate in a discussion about drug development, within the scope of their possessed knowledge, c) general knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical sciences in the are of drug development and their career plans.

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